fabric & Thread selection

The owner of this future collar commissioned something shiny and black. The center fabric is going to be the base, everything on the right side has some level of sparkle or shine to it.

Pieces & pinning

Basic shape has been cut from the primary fabric and secured to a tulle base and water soluble stabilizer. I do want to get the suckers a little less uniform in how they are moving so I pre-cut the sucker pieces just a little differently this time. This is a test piece. Will let me play with the fabrics a little bit and make sure I like it with the stitchwork

Stitchwork prep

My vision is becoming reality and this piece is now ready for stitchwork!

work in progress

The humidity is not being friendly to my stabilizer so I haven’t been able to get as much stitching done as I’d like. But I’m happy with the fabrics and how they are layering with this one!

The dark layers of stitching on this are gonna make it come aliiiivvvvve!!!

color experimentation

These two have the exact same fabrics with different thread choices. Sadly my camera does not pick up the shine on the top of the suckers on the right. I love black and gray and would absolutely incorporate the one on the right into literally every outfit, but I can’t help but love the pop of color in the one on the left!


Which would you choose?

Mary Made Art Thread Sketching Collars

finished product

Photos cannot possibly do this sparkle justice! In the sun she simply comes to life.