About Mary

Hi, I'm mary, and i make art.

I’ve also been called a -sewing-sketch-voodoo-masterpiece making wonder! If you call me that, I will answer and also love you forever.
I have a few different passions in the art realm including sewing, knitting, hand embroidery, and drawing in various mediums. You can expect to see a smattering of all of that depending what my current work-in-project is. The most popular thing I make are tentacles so expect to see a lot of those! There’s also a healthy dose of bugs, skulls, flowers, fucks, and whatever else strikes my fancy.
While I have a background in art, my primary focus has generally been on drawing, painting, and practical sewing. I tried my hand at embroidery a few years ago and loved the drawing aspect of it but my lack-of-patience made me want to draw with thread but at a zoom-y level! This led me to exploring use of the free-motion foot on my sewing machine. Since then, I have journeyed down an incredibly fun rabbit hole which has resulted in the combination of applique and threadpainting. Curious about a commission? I would love to create something for you! Just send me a message and we’ll get you on the waitlist (I work a full time job and have a family, but I’ve been told my work is worth the wait). 
In 2019, I made my very first free-motion stitched tentacles on a simple hobo bag. That thing is so uneven and lumpy and wrinkled that it has never made its way out of my craft storage room. With each new piece I finish, I look back at where I was, and it motivates me to keep exploring, keep sewing, and see just how far this rabbit hole goes.

Glad to have you all along for the ride!